Update contact data through API using IP address


Is there a way we can correlate our ip customer data against Hubspot’s data that sits at the IP level?

We have a free sign up page that sits on top of our provisioning system, this complicates things since the form does not sit within Hubspot. We do have an API integration where we send data to Hubspot at the contact level (after the contact has signed up as free), but in doing so we do not know what that contact has done prior to signing up or where do they come from. Hubspot does collect data at the ip level, but if the contact does not interact with any Hubspot forms and goes directly to the free sign up there is no correlation anymore. Is it possible to match and sync the data at the ip level if we push the ips and contacts to Hubspot?

Let me know if this is possible.



Hi @whydoineedausername

You can use the Forms API to send the data from your form to HubSpot:

If you include the hutk in the hs_context data (as described on that documentation page), you’ll get the same tracking you’d get when using a HubSpot form.

The HubSpot tracking code uses a tracking cookie (hubspotutk) to track a visitor (and not IP), and passing the value of that cookie with the form submission associates the traffic data collected by the tracking code with a specific contact.


Hello @dadams ,

Our application has been developed using Java. Can we send our response to HubSpot using JavaScript?


The form submission URL can be used in the action= parameter of an HTML form, but it will not accept cross-origin AJAX requests, so unless you’re only sending the form data directly to HubSpot, you’d need to make the request to HubSpot server-side.