Update contact's read-only property or create a new (duplicate) property



We have a few contact properties that have been automatically created by HubSpot under the "Collected Form Fields" group. The problem is, these properties are set to read-only and we'd like to update them for some existing contacts as well as to create new contacts with proper values for them.

From reading around the forums, it seems that this is not doable either via the website or the API, and that only a HubSpot internal process can do so. Is this correct? I have also tried to submit a POST request to update one of these properties using its internal name and got 400 error.

If the above is correct, is our best option to create a new group with appropriate properties and to populate them instead? My only hesitation to this is that we'd end up having two separate (but duplicate) properties for each field. Wondering what the best practice for this situation would be. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi @lhoang,

Collected form fields are tricky. The property definitions are read-only, but the property values can be updated/changed on particular contact records. The reason the property definitions are read-only is that deleting/changing them has no effect on the collected form they came from, and the same property would be automatically created after the next form submission.

You should be able to change the values for these properties, though. If you're not able to make changes to the property values on specific contact records, feel free to reach out with a link to an example contact so that I can take a closer look.


Thanks Derek. I was trying to import offline contacts (from csv file) and to set values for these fields and couldn't do that as they were read-only. I went ahead and created a new group of properties for now.