Update Deal - "portalId must be present"


I have been using the Update Deal API call to update existing Deals without an issue. In the last couple of hours I am getting failures with the error “portalId must be present”. Checking the documentation just shows the properties need to be passed - http://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/deals/update_deal

Does anyone know if this has changed?


Hi @michael

I’m not seeing that error testing this in a test account. Do you have an example of the data you’re using in the request?


Here is the failure notification:

Client error: PUT https://api.hubapi.com/deals/v1/deal/54526714?hapikey=XXXX resulted in a 400 Bad Request response:
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“portalId must be present”,“correlationId”:“b4307ee2-30a7-4ae4-b578-8c48cc9d1a9f”,"requestId (truncated…)

Posted data:
[properties] => Array
[0] => Array
[value] => closed_won
[name] => dealstage
[1] => Array
[value] => 180.00
[name] => amount
[2] => Array
[value] => 1481673600000
[name] => closedate

Working yesterday and not working today. Have since added portalId and it’s now working again.


I need a few more details here, I’ll reach out to you directly.