"update group of companies" api call doesn't return an error even when error is expected


I’m trying to batch-update two companies which only one of them exists and the other one doesn’t (that’s why I expect an error), but I get 202 status code and no payload at all. Documentation states that “If there are any errors in the request, the entire request will fail and no updates will be applied to any records” and “Returns a 202 Accepted response on success. Any issues with the JSON will result in a 4xx response with details about the specific issue in the body of the response”, but not only I get no errors, the existing company is updated although the non-existing (obviously) doesn’t.


Hi @itaig,

This is a slight misunderstanding of the documentation; I’ll work on updating it to be more clear. This endpoint will return errors based on errors in the request like invalid payloads, improper formatting, invalid property names, etc. It will not return errors in the event that a companyId is invalid. This endpoint doesn’t run full validation on all companyId values, since the company updates sent to this endpoint are processed asynchronously. Performing a lookup on each companyId would negate the performance benefits of the asynchronous bulk API. Updates with non-existent companyId values will be dropped, and the rest of the body will be processed as usual.