Update webhooks setting via API using oauth2 (access_token)



I wanted to know if it is possible to update the webhooks settings via our HubSpot app and the HubSpot API for our clients who have connected with our app via oauth2.
I get retrieve contacts and everything using access tokens but when I try to update webhooks I get an unauthorized response back.

The documentation states that I have to use my Developer HAPIkey to authenticate my requests.
So how can I update these webhooks settings for our connected clients through the API?



Hi @markhorsman,

Webhook subscriptions are app-specific, not portal-specific; you set up a number of subscriptions that you care about (e.g. contact creation, deal deletion, company property update, etc.) and you'll receive webhook notifications for those subscriptions from all portals that have your app installed. It's not currently possible to customize the webhook subscriptions on a per-portal basis.