Updated Template throwing error from Single Send API, mismatch to old fields


I’m invoking an email template (that we created in your dashboard) via your Single Send API, and there several custom fields/properties tokens within the template were misspelled. So I corrected them, and Saved, then hit Next several times, until Update appeared, then clicked that, and invoked the API to resend that email template and again got the same error:

Mismatch in custom properties between template and request - Custom properties in the template, but not in the request: d_fname, a_fname…

but I did a ViewSource and those corrected field names are NO longer in the template, but just for fun, I repeated the Save/Update steps (and even had your support team verify that your meta-data shows it actually saving), and still I get the ‘mismatch error’ using the old, now non-existent field names ( custom.d_fname, custom.a_fname, etc…)

We have many other email templates that we successfully invoke via SS API and get sent to recipients. So, I think one of 2 things might be happening: either the Save/Update functionality is broken b/c of some strange scenario on our template, OR you maybe use a CDN and it’s caching the template…but this error has been persisting for over 24hrs, and I’ve never seen a CDN cache that long.

Any other ideas? I can PM you details on the template ID and our account if needed.