Updates for developers?


HubSpot is an important part of our company’s marketing workflow and so HubSpot elements are used across our sites. As a developer, it’s frustrating when HS makes changes to embedded elements without notifying users. This means that parts of our site break and we have no way of knowing until they’ve already broken. A recent example is a form element’s name being changed, so our CSS selector no longer worked, and an email capture on the hero of our homepage was broken. Not a great look for us.

We’re working on switching to hardcoded forms that post to HubSpot’s API because we don’t like having to be reliant on code that changes without warning, and also it can take a while for HS bugs to get resolved. That means that we won’t collect impressions on forms; additionally, there’s no API support for developers so we’re referred to these forums when we find issues. As customers, we shouldn’t need to hack our way to the desired product.

Is there any way my team can stay up to date on changes in HS embedded elements? (Not new feature rollouts – just changes to form behavior, element naming, styling, etc.) And is HS considering adding support for developers who are also customers going forward?


Hi @rnbronstein

Do you have an example of the change that you saw with our embedded forms? I talked to our Forms team about this and there shouldn’t have been any recent changes to the markup used for those forms.