Updating a contact's property(field type = multi-line text) with a list of strings via Contacts API



Consider a contact property - “list_of_strings” with field type as multi-line text. I’m trying to update the property via the contacts API with a list of strings. I used the following JSON format in the POST data

  "properties": [
      "property": "list_of_strings",
      "value": [ "string1","string2","string3"]

But it does not update the contact’s property even though I got a 204 No Content response from the API.

I am using Update an existing contact by email

Can someone help me with this issue?


Hi sabari,

I have a custom property of multi-text and I just tested this and verifies it works.

You have to escape your JSON on that property:

  "property": "list_of_strings",
  "value": "[ \"string1\",\"string2\",\"string3\"]"

After I hit the API endpoint and view the contact, it appears as

[ "string1","string2","string3"]

Hope this helps.


Thank you, Andrew!

This is exactly what I was looking for!