Updating a property via API is causing workflow to fail



Here's what I'm sending:

With the following options:
headers: { Content-Type: "application/json" }
method: "post"
payload: "{"properties":[{"property":"anticipated_go_live_date","value":1540278000000}]}"

And here's the sample text of the error I'm getting:

The value to set the property to isn't valid and can't be set

Couldn't set "go_live_date_anticipated_" to "1544342400000" because "1544342400000" isn't a valid value

But as you can see, the value in the contact looks like a valid date:

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Support suggested reaching out here.


This got me there. I was sending a time offset of my local timezone, and that was making it not a "midnight" time. Using the utc call fixed it!