Updating contact fields via API only if no value set



I’m using the bulk update method in the API to update some contacts. Is there an easy way to tell Hubspot only to update the fields if they are not set yet? Let’s take the example of the firstname field. What I want is that the Hubspot entry wins after it has been entered for the first time. So when in Hubspot the firstname is not set and I update via API it should take that firstname from the API. But once it’s set in Hubspot, it shouldn’t update from the API call.

Is this possible without first loading the data from the API to check manually?

Thanks and best


@alexpeiniger There isn’t a way to handle this with out checking first through the API. You could always add an idea to our community ideas board for our product team. I think this is a good use case to add a query parameter to the update endpoint to all for such logic to take place server-side.