Updating Contact Property Deletes The Property



I am using this end point:

(by the way, I do not know why the link says “Update a specified deal property”)
in order to update a property that I have created manually using HubSpot UI.

The API responseded 200 OK with all the data of that property:

{"name"=>"abc", "label"=>"abc123", "description"=>"", "groupName"=>"Contact Information", "type"=>"enumeration", "fieldType"=>"select", "hidden"=>false, "options"=>[{"description"=>nil, "hidden"=>false, "label"=>"123", "readOnly"=>nil, "displayOrder"=>-1, "doubleData"=>nil, "value"=>"123"}, {"description"=>nil, "hidden"=>false, "label"=>"456", "readOnly"=>nil, "displayOrder"=>-1, "doubleData"=>nil, "value"=>"456"}], "calculated"=>false, "externalOptions"=>false, "formField"=>false, "displayOrder"=>-1, "readOnlyValue"=>false, "readOnlyDefinition"=>false, "mutableDefinitionNotDeletable"=>false, "favorited"=>false, "favoritedOrder"=>-1, "displayMode"=>"current_value"} 

But I can no longer view this property on HubSpot. It as if it was deleted.

By the way, I was wondering what will happen if I have a contact with the property abc and value 123 now that I added the value 456 to the list (will that contact still have the value 123 as his abc property? ).



Hi @itai,

That response you posted isn’t formatted in the way that a normal HubSpot server response it formatted. Can you reach out with the Hub ID of the portal you’re working with, and the raw response to the request you made? Or otherwise just the internal name of the property?


The response is the output of a ruby hash that was created from the JSON returned from the HubSpot API.
the HubId is 3837323 and the internal name of the property is creator



Hi @itai,

That Hub ID is from your developer portal, not a test or Marketing/CRM portal. Developer portals don’t have access to any of the scopes (contacts, content, automation, etc.) that Marketing/CRM portals do, which is why you’re seeing strange behavior when updating/viewing contact properties via the API. You should make the same requests to a test portal or a production Marketing/CRM portal instead:


Thanks for your reply,
I will try it and let you know if it worked.

By the way, I no longer have access to my test portal (the one I gave the Hub ID), do you know anything about it?



My Test portal was expired.

I opened a new Portal and it happened to me there also.
The Hub ID is 4057890 and I created a property named eee but it was deleted instead of being updated.

By the way, I am still wondering what will happen to contacts that this property is set to them.



@Derek_Gervais any news?



Hi @itai,

Thank you for your patience, this got a bit lost among the threads here. I went ahead and created a new test portal from your dev account, and did some property testing. I was able to successfully update the property without deleting it. Below you’ll find the property; can you try adding more options and/or making other changes to the property, and let me know if that works? Make sure you’re using the hapikey for that specific test portal.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for replying.
Unfortunately, it seems like I do not have permissions to access the test portal you created.



Hi @itai,

Sorry about that; I’ve added you as an admin to that test account, so you should be all set to work with that portal.