Updating/Deleting Multiple Engagement Associations?


Using the documented API: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/engagements/associate_engagement

…it appears that if I want to remove all contact associations from an engagement I need to make a DELETE request for each contact id that is currently associated. Is there any way, via the api to update or delete multiple associations without making multiple requests (like the deal association API does)?


Hi @homerlex,

it’s not currently possible to remove multiple associations from an engagement with a single request. Can you give me some more info on your specific use case? Generally, engagement associations remain fairly static. I’m interested in your use case for this.


I agree that engagement associations are fairly static but we need to support the ability to change them nonetheless (just like you do).


Hi @homerlex,

I can totally understand the desire to remove engagement associations in bulk. I’ll take this use case to the team; in the meantime, the only way to remove engagement associations is by sending a DELETE request to the associations endpoint, as you mentioned above.