Updating group of deals is always returning a 200


I am trying to update a group of deals. I whether or not I pass in valid JSON or invalid, I just get a 200 response.

Here is what I'm Posting

[{"objectId":343941095,"properties":[{"value":"Session 1;Session 2;Session 3;Session 4","name":"sessions_attended"},{"value":"Session 1;Session 3;Session 4","name":"sessions_completed"}]},{"objectId":346230384,"properties":[{"value":"Session 4","name":"sessions_attended"},{"value":"","name":"sessions_completed"}]}]


I have even tried using the demo code from the docs and it just returns a "200"...not a 202 and nothing appears to get updated.


I am following this. It looks like I'm getting the same thing with a similar scenario.


Is anyone else experiencing this?? Or am I formatting my request incorrectly?


As I was using Fiddler to test this request, I didn't set the Content-Type header to application/json setting this header fixed the issue and the endpoint is working as expected now.