Updating label about customer having had an event in timeline



I am building a HubSpot integration for our app. There is a label on timeline events created from our app, above the header template that reads “{customerName} had {appName} event”. I cannot find anyway to configure this. Are there anyway to change this? It is very awkward looking.



Hi @knicklabs

That should be the header template of the app. If you’re editing the app in your developer portal, you would need to go to the Timeline API events settings for your app, click on the specific event type you’re working with, then click Edit Template in the top right of the settings page.

If you’re editing the settings through the API, you would update the headerTemplate of the event type.


Hi @dadams,

Thanks for the reply! It’s actually appearing on the line above the header template. I have my header template set to:

Left a **{{rating}}** satisfaction rating

But when the event appears in the contact timeline, it appears as:

Some Customer had My App event
Left a great satisfaction rating

Where Some Customer is the name of the contact and My App is the name of the app set in the app settings. I cannot find anywhere to either hide or edit this line that appears above the header. The phrasing of it is odd, which is why I’d like to hide it or change it.


@dadams This is the line we’re talking about:

The line “had Help Scout event” is kind of hideous. Is there a way to change that?


Hi All,
nudging this topic, has anyone found a solution or a possible workaround to this? I wouldn't mind removing the verb entirely "had <> event" if we are unable to customize this.

Also I've noticed the Survey Monkey integration seems to accomplish what @knicklabs original question asked.

Thanks in advance!
EDIT: They've also managed to edit the "show details" button.


Hi @Christopher_G,

It's not currently possible to edit/remove that line, but I can totally understand the use case for doing so. I'm happy to pass that idea along internally, but uf you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see, which is the most effective way to pass feedback along to the HubSpot product team.