Updating Lead Status in a form sent by API




We have a couple forms sent by API to HS
We want to be able to control the Lead Status (basically set them to Subscriber rather than Lead)
We’ve tried following the guidelines on this page (TL;DR by using a hidden field) but they seem to apply only to “regular” form submissions.

  1. Are we correct in this assumption?
  2. Apart from manually setting the Lead Status with another API call, is there another elegant solution to this?
  3. If we send the Lead Status as a hidden field in the Form API call, will it downgrade a Lead with higher Lead Status (e.g. Customer)?



Hi @Elad_Levy

Are you looking at the lifecyclestage property? You can set that property using a hidden field in a form, but you won’t be able to move the lifecycle stage backwards, so you could update the stage from lead to customer, but you wouldn’t be able to update the stage from lead to subscriber using a form.


That answers my question, will simply add it to the call

Thanks :slight_smile: