Upload file attached to an engagement while keeping it non public




I have a bunch of contacts that I’m going to attach engagements to. Some of these engagements have documents that are private and should not be publicly available.

From what I can read up on from the API docs I have to use the COS Files endpoint to upload files. These files will be public for anyone with the link to it.

So my question is if i can upload files while creating the engagements, making it only associated with that contact and engagement and not publicly available.


I’m encountering the same issue. Any ideas how this can be done?

Also, I might add that when adding an attachment manually on a contact (not through the API), the file does not seem visible in the file manager. This is exactly what I need to do via an API.



Hi all,

You can upload files with the hidden query string set to true if the file should be hidden (inaccessible via the file manager). Keep in mind that this will only hide the files from the file manager; files that contain sensitive or confidential information should not be uploaded at all, as all uploaded files are stored on a public CDN.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for the hidden parameter, I failed to see it.

When a user manually upload (going through the HubSpot website, not the API) a document linked to an engagement, is it stored in the file manager with the hidden option?



Hi @pbelanger,

That’s correct; files uploaded by attaching them to objects are stored in the file manager using the hidden parameter.


Hi we are interested in the other direction. If we upload from Hubspot website, we want to access from the API, I mean "hidden" set to false. Is it possible?