Uploaded html files are not actualized on our webside


HI all

We do have a larger documentation for our product. This will be updated lately every two weeks.

the very simple update process is like following:

  1. delete doc_old (old backup) in hubspot File manager
  2. doc_new upload via ftp client (filezilla) - because of performance issues
  3. rename doc to doc_old in hubspot File manager
  4. rename doc_new to doc in hubspot File manager

Result after deleting the local browser cache is that still the old html is presented.

I thought it could be that the serverside caching is not working properly.

Does anyone have an idea - cause a documentation, which is not not up to date is useless …

cheers Tom


Hi Tom,

This forum is geared more for questions around the HubSpot APIs, how to use them, asking about any issues, etc. It sounds like you’re seeing an issue with the product itself, so I’d recommend contacting HubSpot support to get some more prompt guidance on this.

Thanks, definitely let us know if you have any further questions,


intersting - the Hubspot support told me to post it here.


So sorry, Tom, about the run-around, I did not realize you had already gone to support. Support, myself, and the team that develops the CMS/COS are looking into this.


thanks Paul

we decided to delete all docs and to re-updated the skybow documentation

Our suspicion is that there is indexing and this causes those issues.

BG Tom


You are correct that there is caching that may not allow static files to update immediately after they’re changed. When files are included in a HubSpot page, we attach timestamp query parameter (“t=”) to the URL to force the latest version to be retrieved. So a workaround would be to add a unique parameter to the URL or version you docs and upload them in different folders (v1, v1.1, v2.0, etc).

Files will eventually be updated in the cache, but it could take up to 4 hours.


And here’s the knowledge base article relevant to this issue: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/cos-general/how-long-do-replaced-files-cache-in-file-manager

Tom, if a 2 to 4 hour delay is acceptable to you, it might be easiest to wait out the delay.


hi all

thanks for the information

we decided to follow these steps - all with ftp client filezilla:

  1. upload new doc - dirname: doc_new
  2. delete old doc - dirname: doc
  3. rename doc_new to doc

This works quite stable and the result is that the documentation is immediately up to date. Except some icons, which were actualized within the next 60 min - this morning.

There are some points to mention:

  • upload procedure takes over 15 min - due to the size, its ok
  • deletion takes over 10 min
  • renaming takes another 5 min

In the core it means for our worldwide placed customers around 20 minutes not accessibility of the technical documentation, because over the renaming.

Improvement proposal:

We would welcome a possibility to manually

  • delete the serverside cashed html and
  • to rebuilt the index

via a new routine.

to minimize the downtime of our technical documentation

greetings from switzerland


PS.: @Paul_Schwarz: reg. your knowlede base link:
Please check our earlier approach (up in this thread) .
I uploaded the files last friday and there where not updated untill monday :open_mouth:


Thanks for the feedback, Tom. I’ll forward this to the team that works on that.


Hi Thomas,

Could you provide a link to your docs? I’d like to see why it takes so long to update.

There is no index that needs to be updated, it’s only the caches that need to be expired. Since these are distributed globally, it can take some time, but it’s something we’re working on making faster.



sorry - yesterday we had national holiday :slight_smile:

here we go

Part one: http://www.skybow.com/hubfs/docs/onpremises/webframe.html

Part two: http://www.skybow.com/hubfs/docs/o365/webframe.html