Uploading of a video file results in "Could not probe video" error



We are importing customer data into Hubspot instance and some of the attachments are video files in WMV format. As a result we receive a 500 response with body {“message”:“Could not probe video at /tmp/fmvideo8662643757650864448.wmv: /usr/bin/ffprobe returned non-zero exit status. Check stdout.”,“errors”:[],“succeeded”:false}

Is this something we can fix on our side?



Hi Anton, can you post the video you’re attempting to upload somewhere so we can try to reproduce? Thanks.


@boulter unfortunately i can’t because i am not the owner of the file. we are just helping customer to migrate their data into HubSpot CRM instance.


OK, please try again. I believe the issue is resolved. Thanks for letting us know.


@boulter yes, looks like it helped! thank you very much!