URGENT - Access Denied


We are embedding (server side curl call) a hubspot landing page in our web application. We started having this error: http://prntscr.com/e4mxn7

Looks like hubspot is blocking our requests.
Ca you please whitelist our ips if this is the case:

This is very URGENT. Our application gets a lot of traffic. We need to resolve this as soon as possible.

At this moment the error stopped appearing. Please explain why this has happened and how to prevent this in the future.

Thank you


@hoodenkiy those error messages indicate that your system was blocked by our application firewall. We’ll automatically block any unusual traffic, including a large number of requests for the same page coming from a single source. These blocks are normally temporary, and are usually removed automatically once the traffic goes back to a normal level, but we won’t be able to whitelist your systems to prevent this from happening again.

Proxying visitor requests to the HubSpot COS is not something that we recommend or support. I apopologize for not being more clear on that in my previous post, but as I mentioned if you’re looking to customize content based on the visitor, you should look up the visitor record using the Contacts API and your site should use that contact data to determine what should be displayed.