Urgent (Engineering team recommended I post here) - Contacts appear to be joined?




We have a prospective client that is running multiple email campaigns. After the emails are sent, workflows are run based on the activity of the contact for each email and stored in a property that corresponds with the email campaign.

Everything seemed to work the first time around (save for a separate bug), but then the client re-ran a second batch of tests leveraging personal email accounts (same contact names, different email addresses mainly). Some might have been done in the same browser, incognito, etc. but the end result was that the client felt like the actions taken to calculate the values "merged" into one contact record. So the highest value for each email calculation was all stored in one contact and another related contact (same person) would have the lowest values - even though the emails were sent to multiple contacts.

There are no anonymous events in the Analytics tool, they aren't blocking activity by IP addresses, and they've claimed to have turned off all ad-blockers and have run from different computers, in different locations, with different devices (PC / phone).

It doesn't make sense why the activity isn't being tracked... any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


I tried one-off sending emails to other email addresses for new contacts I created, but it isn't even tracking them as being sent - much less received/opened/clicked. Very strange. I figured this one out - test emails don't track received/opened/clicked analytics.


Hi @brianjlowry, happy to help in any way I can here. That said, since this doesn't involve custom development and our service level agreements on response time here in the forums are much slower than that of Support (under 2 business days here. Under 3 minutes if you call Support), I'd probably say that Support is the better first option. I would highly recommend speaking with them if you have yet to do so already.


They referred me here, but I think we've figured it out anyways.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks @brianjlowry, glad you got it figured out. I'd like to connect with support, as they shouldn't be sending you here for non-API related questions. Do you happen to have the ticket number?


My apologies - I meant the engineering team (in title) referred me here.


Got it. The HubSpot engineering team? If so, do you know who you were talking with specifically?


It's been a crazy process and an an ongoing issue - they thought a HubSpot developer might be able to help with over support.


No worries - I totally get it! Happy to help out with development questions here in the forums related to our APIs. Most things about the HubSpot tools would probably be best directed to Support in the future. They're really quick and we (the folks in the dev forum) can work closely with them to get you a resolution!


Thanks, I appreciate your help.