URL to use in Alfred


Is it possible to search in Hubspot from Alfred (productivity app to Mac) ?

It requires a specific URL?


Hi @Kristoffer_Holmm,

I'm not particularly familiar with Alfred; can you give me some more details on what URL it would need?


Hi Derek

It's a productivity app for Mac - https://www.alfredapp.com/

It allows me to give it commands to search in systems etc. Example: I would create a command called: search HS - and then type a contact or account name. But in order to do so - I would need a url it can use to locate the search functions in HubSpot (when I'm logged in to my HS account).

I'm not so technical - but hope the above explains enough for you to look at it?


Hi @Kristoffer_Holm,

I understand. Search in HubSpot isn't quite that cut-and-dry; there isn't a single URL that will trigger a search across all resources. What you might be able to do is use the URL associated with object-specific searches. For example, here's the URL when you navigate to the Contacts page and search for my name:

https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/(hub id)/contacts/list/view/all/?query=Derek

In theory you could create a search action based on that, where you replace (hub id) with your Hub ID and Derek with your own search term. The same would work for companies:

https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/(hub id)/companies/list/view/all/?query=HubSpot


Hi Derek

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to make it work - but when I use the URL it continues to reload and adding my id to the url - example : https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/(3076550)/contacts/list/view/all/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550/3076550

Do you know what to do?



Hi @Kristoffer_Holm,

I'm not familiar with Alfred, so I unfortunately don't know why that's happening. Do the folks behind Alfred have a support line and/or docs you could check out?