Use API to query Custom Property


Our team is developing an integration between our ERP system and Hubspot. We are using the API to sync data between our systems to ensure we have the most up to date information on both. I have the need to locate a HubSpot contact based off of a Custom Property we created.

After contacting Hubspot support the verified the only way to currently accomplish this is by...

"The closest you could come is to use the batch contacts APIs and filter the results based on your custom property. This article details how you can use the batch contacts API: "

I am currently looking into this approach but wanted to see if anyone else has run into a similar issue and had any luck.



How close are you to limits? Maybe using webhooks would help you in this case.

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We have about 45k contacts that I will need to paginate over, at 100 contacts per page the calls will likely add up fast.


No, what I meant was if it was a particular property that needed to be active, maybe set a webhook for that property on changes to it.


Ahh - Thanks for the clarification. One of the criteria is to sync if the Custom Property is not available, so I cannot use webhooks to trigger this. (cannot trigger a webhook on a null value).

While not a requirement, it would also be beneficial not to use webhooks for larger batch sync jobs, it complicates the logging, rate limiting and consistency of the project. Currently I have implemented a task runner that logs and tracks all the requests and ensure we are completing every sync properly.