Use Hubspot to link for software download



I'm looking to see what is the most secure way to provide customers with links to download the software.
A customer will have a licenses key that he can put in a form, or alternatively, we could send them a link to a (hidden?) file where they can download it. What would be most secured while simple to use?


Hi @gil100,

How are you looking to include HubSpot in the download process? Are you looking to store the software in the file manager or send a link in a HubSpot email?


I was considering using the file manager and authenticate users via the API and a form


Hi @gil100,

I see. I wouldn't recommend using the HubSpot file manager if you're looking for a secure software storage/distribution solution, since all files are hosted on our public CDN. Flagging a file as hidden will prevent it from being available via any public URLs; it would only be accessible through the HubSpot file preview UI.

Additionally, the file manager was designed for site assets, so if your software is a large (>100Mb) download, you could experience slowness in uploading/downloading. I'd recommend hosting the file elsewhere, and sending a download link in response to a form submission.