Use of Multicheck boxes inForm


Hope you to be doing great!

I need help while implementing Multi check-boxes.
I created a multi checkbox property as "Industry" which has 100+ multiple options to be selected with.
When I see my form where I am using this "Industry" property, it shows like below image "Industry-on-form"

BUT when I go to update a contact it shows the Industry in a different format like as image below "Industry-on-Contactpage".

My query is, how should I built in my form with the same look and feel of Industry as I have on "Industry-on-Contactpage".

Need help. Please do reply.


@vipul You cannot change how it will view on the contact page. Given the different nature of the pages one being external facing and one being internal facing they were designed to be shown differently. Having 100+ options would end up taking up the entire screen.