Use of Search for contact by company name


I am trying to use link for getting contact by name. I created contact on test portal with this profile id. Although I set the company to Yahoo but it is showing as HubSpot. Am I missing something? I have attached the screenshot of same.


Hi @Prasad_Satalkar,

The first screenshot is showing the contact’s properties; the ‘Company Name’ field here is a property on the contact record. In the second screenshot, you’re viewing that contact’s associated company record. This is a separate object that’s associated with the contact, and doesn’t have any relationship to the contact’s ‘Company Name’ property.

This Knowledge Base article touches on the details of this difference:


Although I went through your link, but I can’t get what is the actual difference between them? I have attached another screenshot below.

Here for Namo Raga row, Contact property(Company Name) is HubSpot and Company Property(Name) is Yahoo. Right?
So what is its actual significance, please explain? Is Namo working in HubSpot or Yahoo?
If Namo is working in HubSpot, then what does associated company Yahoo imply?Elaborate it.


Hi @Prasad_Satalkar,

The distinction is that HubSpot (the ‘Company Name’ contact property) is just a text value. It doesn’t correspond to any other object. This property can be set by forms, workflows, and any of the other ways other contact properties can be updated.

On the other hand, Yahoo (the Associated Company) is an associated record. If you click on Yahoo, you’ll be taken to the company record for Yahoo, which has it’s own ‘Name’ property, among many other properties. It’s not a contact property, and can’t be updated by forms or workflows.