User resubscription page link based on provided email address



I'm using HS API on my website to show forms, that allows to download some contents. Example: LINK.

It is required to provide email address, but if person provides unsubscribed email he will not receive any information from HS. So I want to implement custom resubscription information - simmilar to one described here (at the bottom):
There should be link that points user to his email subscription page, but I don't know how to create the URL.

Address should contain string that identifies user:<SOME_USER_ID>&v=1

How to obtain this ID?


Hi, @Peronczyk.

It sounds like you want to send visitors directly from your custom form to their HubSpot subscription preferences page.

If so, that is not possible to do from a web page at this time. I responded to a similar question in October, 2018 in this topic.

I do understand this is a pain point, however, so I encourage you to upvote and comment on this feature request so that our product teams can hear the feedback as well.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any workarounds for custom forms at this time — only native or embedded HubSpot forms can automatically trigger resubscription emails.