Users with "Marketing Pro" cannot connect


We have the problem that users receiving the error message “You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions.” This seems to be happening only for users that have the "Marketing Pro" plan. Users with "Marketing Enterprise" can connect. Our HubSpot app scope is "Content".

Is there something the users have to configure differently for the "Marketing Pro" accounts?


Hi @Andre,

Could you share:

  • Your app ID.
  • The Hub IDs of a few affected portals with Marketing Hub Professional.

Additionally, are the users having issues super admins? If not, please have super admins in the affected portals try to install your integration.


Hi Isaac,

Our app ID is 62899. I do not have the Hub IDs handy, but I will reach out to the customer for those IDs.



Hub IDs: 4276630, 4957208, 4938213


Thank you, @Andre,

I'll wait on confirmation that these are super admins before moving forward.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi, just chiming in here for @Andre. She is only an admin for those three accounts, but she also mentioned that she is only an admin for the accounts that did connect with the integration. Do you have any idea on what next steps she should take? Thank you so much!


Thanks for the additional context, @stephroulic. The permissions afforded to admins can still differ from portal to portal, however. As Derek notes in this post:

super admins will always have all the scopes available in a portal.


Got it, I'll pass this information along, @Isaac_Takushi and @Derek_Gervais, thank you!