Using advanced Matching Parameter for Facebook Piexel



Hello, I am trying to use advanced matching for my facebook pixel. when I add the following code to my template manager I get error codes when I check my pixel helper to see if it is firing correctly.
Can anyone tell me if the parameters for first name, last name, phone, and email look correct? I am confused as to if I use two brackets or four around these. I get a facebook pixel is not loading error either way.




Hi @Eric_Thornsbrough,

The handlebars notation of the parameters are probably being picked up by the HubL parser, causing the error. You should be able to add {% raw %} ((stuff)) {% endraw %} around these to escape them.



Thanks for the response.

The parameters I used for First Name, Phone and last name worked but FB isn't recognizing the one for the contacts email.

Do you know if this looks correct?

em: '{}',
fn: '{contact.firstname}',
ln: '{contact.lastname}',
ph: '{}',


Hi @Eric_Thornsbrough,

Are those HubL tokens? Or are they rendered by the Facebook pixel? I'm not particularly familiar with the Facebook pixel, but HubL tokens must be wrapped with double curly braces like this: {{ }}