Using AJAX to pull blog content into Landing Page



I am starting a new project and am hoping to define the limitations of what HubSpot can do. Most of my experience is in WordPress and I am curious about whether or not HubSpot will be able to accommodate my needs.

My goal is to create three separate blogs that each have there own theme. Content providers would use the HS GUI to create and publish a post. The post would then be tagged by category and blog. Simultaneously, any blog post from the three blogs would populate a timeline of posts on a Landing Page. The Landing page would be dynamically fed content that was created on the blog posts.

I have two main concerns: 1. Using multiple templates and the ability to strip styling based on 2. a dynamic class based on the content category. Basically, I want to be able to re-style the posts on the landing page, but maintain the theme on the blog page.

Would HubL methods such as {{ select_blog }} and {{content}} allow me to dynamically pull content created on a blog into a static landing page?

It looks like we can have two templates in the general blog set up - one for listings and one for single-posts. See attached

This looks like it will work from a stand point of the landing pages and posts. The index page is something that I need more information about still. Can I dynamically pull in blog posts on a custom built page?