Using deals to store invoice transaction data


We are looking to store proposal/invoice type transactional data for each our contacts. A proposal can obviously change over time until it becomes an invoice or expires. Our initial thought is to handle these as deals associated to the contact. The deal would contain the type (proposal or invoice) and some data around it that would be stored in custom properties. We would store the deal id in an external system so we can update them at a later time if needed. Is this the best use of deals or is there another way to do it?

We then want to use the deal information to create dynamic lists (smart lists) of our contacts. For example: a dynamic list based on sales person and invoice amount over a certain dollar amount. Would this be possible?



Hi @js-envisa

This sounds like a perfect use for deals. Depending on the way you’re looking to report on the deals in HubSpot, you may want to also use the Deal Stage as part of the process to track proposals vs. invoices.

Deal properties can also be used as criteria for contact lists: