Using external personalization tokens with HubSpot emails


Is it possible to use an external database to fill in personalization tokens in a HubSpot email template?


@iak000 an email wouldn’t be able to pull data from an external database by itself, but depending on the type of data you’d want to use in the template, you may be able to have that external database push the data to HubSpot.

If you’re working with data for a specific record, you could update the contact record or its associated company to update the data that the personalization tokens would use.


The data would be information programs that the user requests, individualized for each program. For example say program A has start dates and cost and program B has a different set of dates and cost. Each contact selects a program when submitting the form. Can hubspot send individualized emails based on the program id without passing the rest of the data, the dates and cost, as hidden fields to the contact? Or do you have to create a separate email for each program?