Using Google Apps of Work API in Email sending domain


Hi, In the process of setting up HubSpot email sending in the Manage domains section.

At the moment, it requires DNS changes in order to be able to send emails as my chosen account.

I am using Google Apps for Work as my email host. Is there not a way to utilise the Google API to send mail rather than have to mess around making changes to my DNS records?

Is this a feature that can be developed? or is it already developed, but hidden somewhere else?



So, HubSpot HelpDesk pointed me here and told me someone could help me with my query…

Any takers?


Hi @MigrationAustralia

Any emails sent from HubSpot are going to be sent directly from our email systems, so we won’t have a way to send the emails through the Google Apps system.

Adding a new DNS record for the email sending domain doesn’t change how the email would send from your Google Apps system, it just adds HubSpot as an authenticated sender for your email domain, which removes the via from emails that HubSpot sends on your behalf.

More details for setting this up and what it affects can be found here.