Using HubL to display information for HubSpot Users when they are logged in


Hello, friends. I am looking for properties available to display to our reps when they are logged into HubSpot. Looking at what is available in Developer Info, I do not see any related to the HubSpot user who is logged in.

Is there a way to display something along the lines of “Hi, {{hubspot_user.firstname}}”

Just adding them to the database as a HubSpot contact, and displaying {{firstname}} is not what I am looking for. I intend on displaying an entire div if a hubspot user is logged in, which will have a button to personalize the URL they are viewing, and display share buttons specifically for them. This will append a UTM to the URL they are viewing, so the article or landing page they share will display their contact info, and visitors will be tracked back to them.


@JonSasala Where are they logging into? HubSpot or your own web app?

Here are some more docs on HubL


We have 30 reps who are hubspot users. I would like to display content to these users when they are logged into HubSpot, similar to how the sprocket appears on site pages when logged into HubSpot.


@JonSasala We don’t offer that type of functionality at the moment.