Using Hubspot workflow webhook to register contact for recurring webinar?


I'm using a webhook POST method in a Hubspot workflow to automatically register contacts for an upcoming webinar. This works on a single non-recurring webinar but not for registering contacts for an upcoming session of a recurring webinar. Any recommendations for how that can be accomplished?


Hi @KuzMatt,

Can you give me more details on the system you're sending these webhooks to? Is there a specific reason it's not working for recurring webinars?


Hi Derek,

I was attempting to post the registrations to a recurring Zoom webinar, which wasn't possible. Nor was it possible to pass a parameter with the webhook to register [CONTACT] for next available or specific date in a webinar series. It appears that the only thing I can pass with the webhook is the webinar ID, which is the same for every session in a series.

The explanation I received from Zoom support was that they did not believe it would work for a recurring meeting and the only way to do that would be to change the API altogether, which they would not have the access to do from the built in integration with Hubspot.