Using updated_range query for companies and deals




Can I use updated_range to fetch companies and deals created/updated in given date range? If yes, please tell me the proper way to that. If not, please suggest me any way to do that.


Hi @smarterme,

updated_range isn’t an accepted parameter in the deals or companies API. You can use the recently created / recently modified endpoints to pull those objects in reverse chronological order:


Thank you for your response. The endpoints that you have suggested above are supposed to return the most recently modified records only from current timestamp to 30 days in past.

Will the same endpoints return recently created records too? and how to get more than 30 days older records? Is their any way to do that? I am not able to figure it out with your documentation. Please help me through. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @smarterme,

Those endpoints return recently modified, so they include newly created records and existing records that have been modified in some way. To get only recently created records, you’ll need the endpoints listed below. Both sets of endpoints will only return records modified/created in the last 30 days. If you need to page back further than 30 days / 10,000 records, you’ll instead need to use the endpoints to pull all records:


Thanks for your reply. Just for clarification, can I use the below API to get recently modified companies also?


Hi @smarterme,

Yes that’s correct; that endpoint returns recently modified companies (not just recently created ones).