Using webhook to saving data into Hubspot


We’re using a paywall service that fires webhooks for certain events (e.g., when a user subscribes to our news site), and I was wondering if we can send and save data into HubSpot CRM using webhooks. Is this something that is configurable in HubSpot CRM somewhere, or would I need to develop that part myself? Ideally, the paywall service could develop full-on HubSpot integration, but I’m not sure if they would be willing to do so.


@brunodbo What type of information are you looking to store. You can use our API to send and save data into HubSpot. Here is a link to our API documentation so you can see what type of data you can send in.


Hi @pmanca, we’re looking to save contact data (i.e., create/update a contact in Hubspot when someone subscribes through the paywall). I was mostly wondering if there’s a place to configure things like this in Hubspot CRM, or whether it requires API integration - I’m assuming now it’s the latter. Thanks for the quick reply!


@brunodbo Yes, you would have to use this API endpoint.

Let me know if you run into any issues setting up the API call