UTK cookie value resetting on domain switch



I am having some issues maintaining cookie integrity across domains of our website.

Problem: when a user enters our site through “qux.bar.info” (hosted on hubspot) and clicks a link to a site NOT hosted on hubspot (“foo.bar.co”), even though “foo.bar.co” is listed in the advanced tracking additional domains for the hubspot cookie AND the tracking code is active on “foo.bar.co”, the cookie appears to refresh (utk values change), destroying any ability to track data such as pages seen and original source.

Is it :
A) the fact that we are switching between .info and .co even though both are listed as domains in the external tracking?
B) the fact we are opening the link in a new tab (seems unlikely but sure)
C) the fact we are switching between hosted and non hosted hubspot domains
D) the fact we limiting tracking to these domains (What is the effect of turning this off, if any?)

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Dave_L,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, you have cross-domain tracking turned on in report settings and the HubSpot tracking code is present on both pages, correct? Cross-domain tracking allows contacts to be tracked across multiple domains by associating the domain-unique utk tokens to the same contact record. It’s not expected that these utk values will be the same across domains, just that each utk token will be associated to the same contact record in HubSpot.


Hi Derek,

If they only submit a form on the non hosted site (through forms API) ,
then wouldn’t there only be one cookie (the second one?)


Hi @Dave_L,

I’m sorry, I don’t think my response from before was very clear. If a contact has navigated to these domains independently, they will have different utk values. Navigating from one domain to the other via a link (which includes the cross-domain tracking parameters in the article above) will overwrite the existing utk value for the other domain, so the new utk values will be the same. This allows a form submission on either domain to associate activity for both domains to the same contact.


Hi Derek,

That doesn’t appear to be the case.

When the contact enters from Google on the 1st domain, (even with cross site reporting turned on, and the code in both sites), it should have the first page seen as that 1st site.

What actually happens is the 2nd site has the first page seen even though the referring domain is from the first site, with the 2nd site included in the cross-domain tracking list (and several variations).

Is it an update issue? Should I check back on my record in an hour to see if things got resolved?

Also, the link from the 1st site to 2nd site is being opened in a new window, is that an issue?



Hi @Dave_L,

Just spoke with Support regarding this topic. Can you post an example contact that is showing an incorrect first page seen? I’d love to deep-dive into a specific example.


Hi Derek,

https://app.hubspot.com/sales/517317/contact/122199718 should be good. The first/last referring website is our primary domain with first page seen as the one of the whitelisted ‘sister domains’ that is explicitly mentioned in the Hubspot tracking.

Let me know if you need more data.



Hi @Dave_L,

Thanks for your patience here. I’ve been running some tests on my end, but I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Here’s one example contact that I used for my testing: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/517317/contact/123398463/?interaction=note

Here, I googled your ‘Locate a person’ service, clicked the Google search result, then clicked the “Start your Case” CTA in the header. The cross domain linking worked successfully, and my first page seen is the Locate a Person page (www.trustify.info/services/locate-person). This is true for all 3 of the tests I ran (search for contacts with my name).

The only reason I can think of for the example contact to have the www.trustify.co domain as a referrer would be if the tracking code didn’t fire before the contact navigate to the second domain. This would mean they would reach the second domain before getting a hutk cookie on the first domain. Can you give me some more info on how many contacts you’re seeing this with?