Utm_source on contact



We have a number of workflows set up to post hubspot data to an endpoint on our server. We’d like to start tracking utm_source but I’m not seeing that as a property on our contacts. I just wanted to confirm that that was not a property that would be filled in if a contact filled out a form on a landing page that is reached with a utm_source parameter in the url. Thanks.


Hi @gswartz

This isn’t something that HubSpot would capture automatically, but it would be possible to do. The easiest way to do this would be to create a custom contact property with the internal name of utm_source, and then add that to your forms as a hidden field. HubSpot forms automatically populate fields when there is a query parameter in the URL that matches the internal name of any field in the form.


Hi @dadams

I know that this is an old post, but what if I do not have a form, that can “help” submit an UTM parametre on my contact?
For example, if I want to know which Facebook campaign contact A came from to my website (and they do not fill out any form), how can I track the campaign and submit that information in a contact property on contact A?