Validating remote folder - Failure (with SublimeFTP)


Hi there,
it was working yesterday, but today i can't sync my local files to Hubspot FTP through SublimeText FTP.

Connecting to FTPS server "" as "" ..... success
Validating remote folder "/portals/2212975-chronogolf/content/designs/2019_Chrono_AccentUI/" ..... failure (Unknown Error)

Here is my conf :

// sftp, ftp or ftps
"type": "ftps",

"save_before_upload": true,
"upload_on_save": true,
"sync_down_on_open": true,
"sync_skip_deletes": false,
"sync_same_age": true,
"confirm_downloads": false,
"confirm_sync": true,
"confirm_overwrite_newer": false,

"host": "",
"user": "",
"password": "XXX",
"port": "3200", 

Any idea?



Hi @Sebastien_Chronogolf,

That all looks correct to me. I'm wondering if the path to your remote folder isn't matching up with the path in the design manager. There were some changes made to accommodate the new Design Manager that may explain the shift in your directory structure: