Value set on "Annual revenue" property after sending a timeline event


Hello, we currently have a integration between our platform (eDock) and Hubspot in two ways:

  1. we set values on contact properties after the user does something on our platform
  2. we create timeline events using our Hubspot app called “eDock”.

I’ve noticed that on some contacts (for example the one I’m looking at right now - contact ID 696351) has a value “Login” for the property “Annual revenue”.

We NEVER set a value directly for this property, but what I noticed the current value is the same as the value of the timeline event for our application.

It seems that, as soon as we send a timeline event for a contact, the “Annual revenue” property is set.

We create a timeline event creating a PUT request to

The passed event (whose ID is 19083) has two custom property, “ActionName” and “ControllerName”, that are not mapped to any Contact Property.
So, our JSON body, is like this one:
“eventTypeId”: “3b121f61-74fa-4034-90bb-57c38c8992f3”,
“id”: “19083”,
“email”: [contact email],
“ControllerName”: “Profilo”,
“ActionName”: “Login”

I don’t get why the Annual Revenue property has been set: can you please check and tell me what’s wrong?



Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

Can you send me a link (or your Hub ID) so that I can take a look at the contact in question?


Hello @Derek_Gervais,

there you go:



Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

I see; thank you for sending along that example, and thank you for your patience. When creating timeline event templates, you can choose to map an event property over to a contact property. It appears that you have the action property of your event template mapped to the ‘Annual Revenue’ contact property. Can you check into the event property mappings in your developer portal?


There you go, it’s not mapped.

Let me know.


Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

Interesting; it appears in the UI that this isn’t mapped, yet when I pull the event properties via the API I can see the annualrevenue property is mapped. Might be a UI bug; I’ll touch base with product regarding this, and reach back out on this thread when I have more information.


Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

My hunch was correct, this was a UI bug. I’m working with the product team now to fix this. I’ll reach out on this thread when I have a resolution.


Hi @Marco_Tibaldeschi,

This is now resolved; the UI matches the property mapping values. Let me know if you have any other issues with this going forward.