Variables for Adroll granular tracking


Good morning,

I am trying to set up adroll custom granular tracking for client. This functions by passing the lead information for a completed form into the adroll pixel on the thank you page. I have a script provided by adroll, but I need to know the variables hubspots Js uses to store lead information to populate the pixel.

The code adroll provided is as follows, I am trying to find the correct variable to replace Z and A:

Thank you!


@asafullfunnel Can you expand upon what variables in HubSpot you are looking for? Which lead information? I would look on your contact properties and see if you can find what you are looking for there. If you can’t find it then you might need to make a custom property to store what you are trying to send to HubSpot.


@pmanca thank you for replying!

I’m looking for the variables hubspots form Js is using to store inputs for its OWN embedded forms on form submission, so that I can reference them in the adroll script to be recorded by the adroll pixel. I am not looking to pass any additional data into HubSpot, just to piggy back on existing form variables.


@asafullfunnel I would call your script onFormSubmit and pass in the values of the text boxes in the form.