Vidyard Video Issues



I'm embedding a video in my blog article content here: The thumbnail shows but the video never appears.

To embed the video I'm using the WYSIWYG editor and choosing it from the uploaded videos.

There is a warning notice in the console: Query string parameter: new_player_ui=1 is not a known parameter

Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to fix it?

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Hi @tmorris! Have you reached out to Support? They'll be perfectly equipped to handle a question like this and have a more rapid service level agreement for response times, and are staffed 24 hours a day, so you'll have better luck there. In the forums we are staffed roughly 8am-8pm EST and aim to respond to posts in under 48 hours. Don't mean to bump you back over there if you've been there already, but they're more than capable, and a better place to start, than here.



I've reached out to support and they've suggested that as we are using a custom blog article template that I either reach out to VidYard (YouTube videos work fine) or the Designer forum. The lovely guy I spoke to said his code experience was limited and although we narrowed the issue it is still occurring on all videos embedded within the HubSpot WYSIWYG editor if they are VidYard videos regardless of whether they are embedded using code or the embed button.

The same videos work fine when embedded on our home page through the Statamic CMS side of the site.

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Interesting.. Would love to connect with Support on this one. Let me do that and dig into your issue. I'll get back to you asap


Hi @tmorris, looks like the issue is coming from your external stylesheet which is making the bottom padding of the videos 0. Our Vidyard videos are automatically injected with a bottom padding of 56.25%, which allows for the video to have space to expand. See this screenvideo:

In order to fix, you can either edit your artcle.scss file externally, or add in the following code to a new stylesheet, or in the head HTML of your header here: Here's the code:

body .article__content .vidyard-player-container div {
    padding-bottom: 56.25%!important;

Update: I've also closed the loop with support on this one, and they should certainly be able to help moving forward.