Views and submission rate issues with API



Hi there,

I have a problem with my form views and submission rates. The form has 39 submissions but shows 0 views and 0% submission rate for some reason. here's the link to the live form just in case -

Here's a reply from Hubspot's support:

"I worked with my team on getting to the bottom of the Unavailable status for all time views and conversion rates. This is expected behavior when we are collecting forms via the API, as we are unable to track the form the same way we would with a standard HubSpot Form.

If you keep your form as you have it now ( with a custom built form submitting information to HubSpot via the API ) we will be unable to track that information. If you were to remove the form as you have it now and replace that with the embed code directly from the HubSpot form, we would be able to start tracking that information going forward."

Actually, mentioned solution doesn't work for us as we will loose some website functionality and logic if we change the form to use an embed code.

Is there any way to have a list of tracking parameters that should be passed to Hubspot's server and we will be able to correct the code/script/api from our side?

Guys, hope you can provide us with those parameters and their names. Any additional info will be appreciated as well.



Hi @vadim.plakhtyr,

I've posted a response in the original topic.