Want to build quote tool in HS


We are rebuilding our website in HS and want to include the functionality to “Get a Quote Now” that will provide the Wage for a particular job role as selected by the user via a webform. We want the auto-email with the wage/quote to be sent to our sales team so they can ring the user and qualify the lead (and a thank you email auto-reply sent to the user to advise we will be in touch shortly). I’m not a developer so I’m not sure I should be the one on here but I’m trying to figure out whether we can/should use Hubspot DB for this or not.
We have a developer that can probably build something in PHP but would we be better off to use Hubspot DB as we want to integrate the lead information collected via the webform into HS CRM, create workflows, reporting etc. So:

  1. Should we use HubspotDB to do this to assist in the integration with Hubspot and also workflows (to send the auto-reply emails)? OR is it easy enough to integrate most databases into Hubspot to achieve the outcomes we need? (basically we want the quote tool to look up the wage via reference table)
  2. Or should we use PHP to build this tool? Or should we do it some other way?

Thanks in advance for any help.