Want to know the procedure for showing dynamic content ( blog posts ) in static HTML template


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We currently have footer hubspot template.

We have a Blog, we want to show blog posts in hubspot footer. How can we show the dynamic content in footer middle section?

Can you please advice?

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You can use RSS in custom HTML module


Can you please give one example, how can show?

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<div class="recent-posts-item">
    {% set rec_posts = blog_recent_posts(your_blog_portal_id, No. Of posts to show) %}
    {% for rec_post in rec_posts %}
     <a href="{{rec_post.absolute_url}}" class="custom-post-item">
                <div class="custom-post-item-inner" >
                    <div class="features-image-block" style="background-image:url( {{ rec_post.post_list_summary_featured_image }});">
                    <div class="custom-post-body clearfix">
                        <!--post summary-->
                        <h2>{{ rec_post.name }}</h2>
                        <span class="author-hubspot" data-hubspot-form-id="author_data" data-hubspot-name="Blog Author">
                            {{ rec_post.publish_date_local_time|datetimeformat('dd MMM YYYY') }} 
    {% endfor %}


Hi Laxmi_Narayan,

Thanks for the reply. I think my question is unclear :expressionless:

We have one hubspot id and there we have blogs. For one blog footer I want to show recent posts in that blog. And we have html template for the footer (attached image)


So there how can we show dynamic content.



basically you need only one post, right?

If you open blog in dashboard it will show you the blog id in url blogs/*******/manage/
That you need to update in code and you can use 1 in
{% set rec_posts = blog_recent_posts(*****, 1) %}
and it will show only one post which one is recent once, please let me know if you still have an issue


Thanks a lot. Its working :slight_smile:

I used following for the author_name and published date.

by {{rec_post.blog_author}} on {{rec_post.publish_date}}

Can you please suggest, how can I format date in ‘on 24 November, 2017’ format?



{{ rec_post.publish_date_local_time|datetimeformat(‘dd MMM , YYYY’) }}

Laxmi narayan