Want to send more than just email address over from Mandrill


We have Mandrill connected to a system that generates emails to new clients. I have an API key that I was able to create that allows for Hubspot to capture the email and email address, but it is not capturing any other information such as client information. Is there any way to have Mandrill pass more information over than just the email address? Information such as first/last name, contact information, possible tags (client, new user, etc.)

Is there also any way to set the Hubspot owner as No Owner?

Also wondering if there is a way to have the Associated company be the same as the company so that we do not have to duplicate input.


Hi @Alex

HubSpot would definitely allow you to include more data, but the actual field you’ll be able to sync is going to depend on the integration you’re using.

If your integration supports setting other properties, you could set the hubspot_owner_id property to empty ("") to have the record set to No Owner. Otherwise, we have a few other methods of setting the owner.

The company property, and the company that a contact gets associated with, are separate data, so one won’t be automatically set when the other gets set. We have more details about those items here:

We do have a setting that will try to associate contacts with companies automatically, based on the domain of the email address.