Wanting to switch to webhooks from workflows, struggling with setup


Hi guys

We have a workflow setup on our Hubspot site which automatically posts new contacts to our web app where they are added to the database. Hubspot support recommended we use webhooks rather than workflows for this to cut out the occasional delay we see in contact data being posted.

I have read through the webhook docs & have tried setting up a simple app to test contact creation but am getting a bit stuck. I created a new app, added a subscription for contact creation and then setup a php file on my own server to receive + log output.

When I enter my URL into the edit tab of the subscription and click Test it says its sent however my file never logs anything (I've tested this with Postman and it works fine). Surely a payload should be sent off to the file to log? Or am I misunderstanding how webhooks operate?


Hi @MikeyWallis,

This might be a basic question, but have you installed your test app to a portal where the relevant updates are occurring?