We are using Professional marketing plan ($800/month),,so does it has any limitation on the API daily usage (40,000)


we are using the Professional marketing plan ($800/month).. so can i know if we have any limitations on the API daily usage requests (which seems to be 40,000) ??..
now in our case we need more than 40,000 requests, because we are planning to have around 1++ million companies records and we will be updating them using using the API. and the api allow us to upgrade 1,00 companies per request, so in this case we need 10,000 requests per day to accomplish our task.. so can anyone advice on this?


Hey, @johnjohn123.

Happy to clarify.

Without the API add-on ($500/month), the API request limits for Marketing Hub Professional subscriptions are the same as for all subscriptions:

  • 40,000 API key-authenticated requests per day.
  • 10 API key-authenticated requests per second rate limit.
  • Intervals of 5 minutes or more polling limit.
  • Up to 5% of total syncs failed requests limit.

If you purchase the API add-on, the 10 request per second rate limit will still apply to API key-authenticated calls, but you will be able to make up to 160,000 calls per day.

If you're planning to sync that many companies, you certainly should use the bulk companies endpoint. Depending on the other processes you're planning to run (e.g. syncing contacts and deals as well), it might be a good idea to speak with sales about the API add-on.


Yes i am planning to update the companies in bulk, but up to 100 companies can be updated in a single request, so if i need to update 1 million companies, then i will need 10,000 requests + 4,000 requests to get the 1 million companies (as i can get up to 250 companies per request)... although 40,000 requests will achive what i am looking for.. but i asked in case we need to run the sync more than one time per day.

Second point. can you adivce more on what are those 2 limitations exactly:-

    • Intervals of 5 minutes or more polling limit. // are you saying we need to wait 5 minutes between each api request?
    • Up to 5% of total syncs failed requests limit. // it is not clear to me what is this percentage ?



Hey, @johnjohn123.

Yep, your math is correct, but I'm curious — why will you be syncing information into HubSpot to then pull it right back out again? Are you designing a two-way sync? Your initial description made it sound like your external system was the source of truth and company data should only be going into HubSpot?

If you are designing a two-way sync, you can conserve those GET calls by using either the Get recently modified companies endpoint or even setting up an OAuth app so you can listen for changes to company properties using a webhook subscription.

Regarding those two other limits:

  1. Intervals of 5 minutes or more API polling limit refers to services that poll HubSpot for updates. You shouldn't poll the system for changes more frequently than every 5 minutes.
  2. Up to 5% of total syncs failed API requests limit means that we won't accept additional requests that day if more than 5% of your requests to any of HubSpot's APIs return 4XX or 5XX code errors. With a 40K daily call limit, this comes out to be 2,000 failed requests.


ok thanks .. now all your points are clear to me.. but i am still unable to fully understand how the " Intervals of 5 minutes or more API polling limit" exactly work? now i will be updating the companies info using this end point https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/companies/batch-update-companies , and i will be updating 100 companies per request.. so are you saying that i need to wait for 5 minutes between each update request ?


Hey, @johnjohn123.

No, polling is different than updating. You can send multiple update requests in quick succession, but should not send multiple GET requests to the same endpoint checking for updates less than five minutes apart.

For example, you should not set up a process to ping this endpoint to check for analytics data every two minutes.