We need to access the CTA HS NAME in the api's: Landing Pages, Blogs ands Website Pages or Templates


Since there is not API for CTA's available could some please help me.
We need to list all the CTA's available and show the correct CTA's name, to archive this goal we are fetching all the pages in HB. Inside each pages there are widgets and inside the widget there is the embed code where we can get the CTA ALT TEXT. We don't want the ALT text what we need is the HS name.

Resume: How can we get a CTA's HS Name?


Hi @Ignacio_R_Correia,

The only way to get the internal names of HubSpot CTAs is to export them. You will receive .CSV files which contain columns for "CTA Name."


@Isaac_Takushi we need it via API :confused: is it coming soon?

ps: your answer shouldn't be marked as solved since my request is specific for API.


Hi @Ignacio_R_Correia,

There are no plans to implement a CTA API in the near future, but I found this feature request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. If you would like to see this API built out, I encourage you and your colleagues to upvote and comment on the post describing your use case. I've gone ahead and upvoted it as well.