We should be able to programmatically identify the language of any hubspot "content"


Please correct me if I am wrong. Currently we are able to identify the language only for Websites AND Landing Pages which are both in API on endpoint /pages

When getting the pages, we recieve json with “language” variable which represents the language of this content.

Is there any way to obtain language information about other types of content?
If not, what are the plans for doing so?

Here is the list of hubspot content that I think could be translated to other languages, and we should be able to get the language meta info out of it.

  • Site Pages // DONE
  • Landing Pages // DONE
  • Emails
  • Calls to actions,
  • Social messages
  • Anything else? please comment


could someone from the hubspot development team answer my question please? I need to know what are the plans regarding this.


@Alino At this point in time there aren’t any plans on adding language metadata to those end points. This is a good idea and you can post it to our ideas board so our product team can be aware of it and can build it into our roadmap.



thank you for response, I did create the idea here http://ideas.hubspot.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/suggestions/18774484-programmatically-identify-the-language-of-any-hubs